August 1, 2006

Faculty Position at UCSD

I’ve recently joined the faculty of the Communication department at the University of California, San Diego. Having joined, one of my first acts as a member of the faculty was to become part of a search committee — so now I can help bring other interesting people aboard.

Luckily for me, UC San Diego’s not a hard sell. There is much support for digitally-flavored research, including the recently-constructed Cal-IT2 (including a wing devoted to the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts). There are many digital media people on the faculty already, from Lev Manovich to Miller Puckette, from Natalie Jeremijenko to Brian Goldfarb. The grad students are doing great work, including Fox Harrell (whose presentations at DAC and Computational Aesthetics we’ve noted in recent months), Eduardo Navas (of newmediaFIX and other prominent online projects), and the student in my department, Ge Jin, who this spring made a splash with his interviews with Chinese MMO gold farmers. And, of course, there’s the fact that the department is highly interdisciplinary, has a great history of innovative work, and is placed where the weather is supposedly the best in North America.

All that said, the job ad is below. Both areas of focus are of potential interest to GTxA readers, of course, but the “play and communication” area seems particularly fitting.

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