May 13, 2015

Role Playing Game to Change Ideas on Public Health

New research at the Tiltfactor Game Research Laboratory at Dartmouth College indicates that people’s thinking about public health policies and spending priorities can be shifted through a novel new game genre–role playing sports.

A key challenge in public health in the United States is lowering costs by focusing on health priorities. Often, these priorities are discovered by complex visualizations and in-depth workshops such as those sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Aligning Forces for Quality initiative. Research groups across the country have taken a variety of approaches to rethinking health spending, for example. ReThink Health, an initiative from The Rippel Foundation, offers a robust dynamic modeling system for testing and visualizing scenarios and changes to the whole US health system.

May 4, 2015

Crowdsourcing Work goes to Washington

Tiltfactor is proud to announce the NEH and IMLS
Co-Funded event to discuss Future of Crowdsourcing at 


Hanover NH— This week, lead organizers Dartmouth College and the University of Maryland-College Park, announce “Engaging the Public: Best Practices in Crowdsourcing across the Disciplines,” a workshop to gather by invitation over 60 leaders from the humanities, sciences, and cultural heritage domains in order to move the national discussion about crowdsourcing forward.

Donald Brinkman on “Tin Cupping for Plutonium” (Media Systems)

How can people embedded in large, for-profit companies find a way to direct some of the present expertise and resources to make a positive difference? In this talk from the Media Systems gathering, Donald Brinkman describes how he has worked to do this within Microsoft. In particular, he describes Microsoft’s role in enabling the digital projects engaging the AIDS Memorial Quilt that were also discussed in Anne Balsamo’s talk.

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