January 23, 2014

New E-Lit Authors Welcomed to ELO 2014

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Those who have recently started developing electronic literature are welcomed to apply to have work in the Gallery of E-Literature First Encounters. Feb 15 is the deadline; the gallery will be at the “Hold the Light” conference, ELO 2014, in Milwaukee.

TILTFACTOR visited by Video

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Thanks Edward Kim and The D!

January 22, 2014

A Riddle

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Consider it not in French, but Italian.

There are obsession-inducing transmissions, audio transmissions.

The ending is ugly … overall and in one language, at least.

But the story is a poet’s story – it begins with O and ends with O.

“Description,” My 2014 New Year’s Poem

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“Description,” my 2014 New Year’s poem, was sent out as a text file at the end of 2013; it’s now online in a solvable and checkable form, in a new Web edition.

After discarding a baker's / dozen of the fliers and papers ...

Tiltfactor presents Metadata Games: Mobile!

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For Immediate Release

January 22, 2014

Hanover, NH — A photograph or a piece of film might stay in a library storage box for one hundred years and be seen by very few visitors. What if that image or that film could be digitized and posted online, so that the public could not only see it, but help librarians discover its subject? Or identify the speaker in an archival video? And what if the public could contribute that new knowledge through play?

January 20, 2014

From Finnegans Wake as Read by Samuel L. Jackson

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Now by a commodious vicius of recirculation – go the fuck to sleep.

January 19, 2014

Curious Conflations of Performance and Writing

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In Nashville, Husky Jackal Theater has presented Terminator the Second, which enacts the story of Terminator 2 with a text composed entirely of lines from Shakepeare’s plays. Video is available.

Also, I have been watching a certain TV show set during the Korean War with a certain fan fiction author, and I believe the guys making passes at guys, wearing dresses, mugging with guys, etc. have suggested a new possible genre of writing that would have to be called S*L*A*S*H.

January 15, 2014

Upcoming Events at USC, UCLA, MIT, NYU

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The Trope Tank has a good deal going on in the next month, as classes at MIT begin. If you’re in LA, the Boston Area, or New York at the right times, please join us…

January 8, 2014

C64 BASIC Workshop at MIT, January 29, 2-5pm

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I am moved by the holiday spirit of MIT’s Independent Activities Period (IAP) to announce a Commodore 64 BASIC programming workshop using original hardware.

[Update: The workshop is now fully subscribed, but I will try to arrange for spectators who would like to join us around 4:30pm to see the results of our work.]

C64 BASIC Code running in the Trope Tank

January 2, 2014

Tell me a (dynamic) story

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Hello, friends, this is Jordan, the mysterious postdoctoral researcher, and I’m here to talk about a thing that we at Tiltfactor have been playing with more and more: text-based, interactive narratives. They’ve become big parts of several projects we’ve recently proposed, so it’s appropriate to take some time to think about why they might be useful and important ways to communicate values and institute social change (while avoiding that whole “boring and irritating” problem that more traditional appeals can have).

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