July 16, 2019

Professor Flanagan on NHPR

This week Professor Mary Flanagan of Tiltfactor joins Laura Knoy of NHPR, and Dr. Paul Weigle, a child and adolescent psychiatrist who studies the mental health impacts of video game and internet habits of young people, in a conversation about how to study the impacts of video game design.

Read the transcript or listen to the recording here: Video Game Design: How It Impacts Us, And How We Study Its Impacts

July 11, 2019

VR Study wrap up!

We’ve just completed data collection on our VR study!

Stay tuned for more information as we submit our results for publication…!

July 2, 2019

Gomringer’s Untitled Poem [“silencio”], an Unlikely Sonnet

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The untitled poem by Eugen Gomringer that we can only call “silencio” is a classic, perhaps the classic, concrete poem. According to Marjorie Perloff’s Unoriginal Genius, the “silencio” version of the poem dates from 1953. In my 1968 edition of The Book of Hours and Constellations I find the German manifestation of this poem (with the word “schweigen”) and the English poem (with the word “silence”), on the same page at the very beginning of the book — but no “silencio.” The place where I do find “silencio” is An Anthology of Concrete Poetry from 1967, edited by Emmett Williams. My copy is the re-issue by Primary Information.

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