May 15, 2019

Student Perspectives: Grace Dorgan

Grace is a sophomore at Dartmouth College doing game design, development, and research at Tiltfactor

There’s a reason computer science majors are stereotyped as being socially awkward. It’s because we are. That’s why when I started working at Tiltfactor, the one part of the job I was not sure I could handle was the communication with other people. It is also the area of the job that I have learned the most from.

May 10, 2019

Tiltfactor Director on NHPR

Professor Flanagan talks about the future of work and automation on The Exchange. Check out the show!

May 8, 2019

Student Perspectives: Patrick Matlin Redondo

Patrick Matlin Redondo is a senior at Dartmouth College and a game designer and researcher at Tiltfactor

Over the past year or so the Tiltfactor team has been working on a virtual reality puzzle game called “Entangled.” In Entangled, you’re trapped in a room, but you’re able to see a parallel dimension superimposed on yours. You can’t touch things in the other dimension, but you can get things in your dimension to overlap with things in the other dimension, “entangling” them and allowing you to manipulate them across both.

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