February 27, 2023

Professor Mary Flanagan joins other game professionals to discuss colonialism in games

Homo Ludens, a youtube channel dedicated to history and board games, featured Mary Flanagan along with other game professionals and researchers in a stream that aired on Feb 27. The discussion centered around the evolution, ethics, and history of colonialist depiction in board games and tabletop wargames. Watch “Game Ethics #2: Playing Colonialismhere.

February 1, 2023

Tiltfactor Lab and the National Academy of Sciences Team Up To Create “Glitch Squad”

Glitch Squad was created in a collaboration between Professor Mary Flanagan’s game design publishing company, Resonym, LabX, a public engagement test bed at the National Academy of Sciences, and Tiltfactor Lab. The game is designed to interest the public on issues surrounding forensic science.

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