April 11, 2007

TimeCube + Puppetland = (year – 1990)^LOG10(C#)

by Nick Montfort · , 4:25 pm

Looks like there is some unusual RPG territory left to be discussed in Third Person, or, if you believe person is four-sided, maybe Fourth Person. Quick, roll saving cube against HYBRID!

2 Responses to “TimeCube + Puppetland = (year – 1990)^LOG10(C#)”

  1. RULE # 1: In the short term, binary logic [soul equation] is far superior (?) than fuzzy logic [cloning equation]. at LifeParticles Says:

    […] Hybrid: the roleplaying game. A Timecube style “role playing game.” via Grand Text Auto
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  2. Greg Says:

    Well, uh, you know… Puppetland was published by Wallis, who designed BARON MUNCHAUSEN, which was included in 2nd Person. (He also published my VIOLENCE.) So there’s a generic relationship. And yes, there are lots of other pretty odd RPGs out there.

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