May 15, 2003

Digital Stories in the Desert

by Andrew Stern · , 10:46 pm

Take Route 66 to Arizona next month for the Digital Storytelling Festival, “a three-day showcase (June 12-14) that features ground breaking projects created and implemented in a variety of areas of Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling is recognized as a creative movement that uses digital technology to create media rich stories to impart meaning. It is successfully being used in areas of education and training, entertainment and creative design, personal and legacy storytelling, community building and corporate identity through branding and marketing. … The Festival program appeals to: practitioners, visionaries and enthusiasts of new media, educators, historians, genealogists, storytellers, community builders, activists, artists, journalists, corporate creatives and technologists.”

Participants include interactive story pioneer Brenda Laurel, managing editor of Scott Rosenberg, and many more.

Also, check out a recent book published by the Center of Digital Storytelling in Berkeley. I bought a copy, it’s a nice book.

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