May 16, 2003

The New World Order Ate My Assignment

by Stuart Moulthrop · , 3:53 pm

Long ago, after the version of myself on whom I blame rash promises got me into this blogging thing, I figured I would somehow find the time to say something remotely interesting every week or so. That version of myself, since discontinued, did not reckon up all the hours needed to do my day job, design a new undergraduate degree in games and simulation (, and finish what had become a year-long multimedia project. So for this week at least, please accept as booby prize my latest cybertext, “Pax” ( Soon to appear in Iowa Review Web and (minus alas its author) at DAC.

2 Responses to “The New World Order Ate My Assignment”

  1. Lisa Firke Says:

    At last! Stuart, I’ve been waiting for you to post because I thought this might be a nice place to wave hello….


    (Do you recall working together in the Writing Tutors program at Yale? It must be over a decade ago…)

    Good to see your phosphors.


  2. Lewis LaCook Says:

    two examples of this…


    Lewis LaCook

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