May 19, 2003

Prate, Prattle, and Roll

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 1:57 am

I’m posting from the Digital Arts and Culture conference in Melbourne, Australia. I’m presenting Tuesday, and while I might find myself prattling, it’s actually prate that I’m excited about. prate is Brion Moss’s new project — an n-gram text generator in the tradition of the DOS program Babble! My DAC presentation, along with this post, is the first announcement of its availability. It’s written in Java and works well cross-platform (I used it for a performance at Brown last month, running on a Mac). This is an initial ‘geek release’ (light on documentation) of a project that’s going to evolve, and that will also provide the basis for some future collaborative work that Brion and I have up our sleeves (our past projects together include The Impermanence Agent).

The DAC site, by the way, has a fast-moving collaborative conference blog as its top page. Check it out!

4 Responses to “Prate, Prattle, and Roll”

  1. Julianne Says:

    Commenting from Melbourne DAC myself – wish to congratulate you (plural) on the launch of your blog, which I found from I went to ludology tonight because I wanted to send Gonzalo a copy of Julian Oliver’s cri de coeur on behalf of people creating “art games”, entitled “Developers in Exile: Why Independent Game Development Needs An Island.” The related manifesto (with “coming soon” text for now) is at

    I expect (small world) half of you know Julian – who didn’t present in person, but can be reached via

  2. vika Says:

    Yooo are-a a Swedish Chef! Well done, and funny. So, aside from it being a fun toy, have people used it poetically or to other specific (and public) purposes?

  3. noah Says:

    So far Poppy Brandes and I are the only people to use it publicly — for a performance last month at Brown University, as part of a rather diverse concert organized by Alvin Lucier. But at DAC I had several people come up to me and tell me they were having fun with it, so other public uses may be in the offing.

  4. thinking with my fingers Says:
    Games and Intellectual Property
    Just a quick link to point to GTA’s post on Gamer’s right to the stories of their characters. Considering that several of the players I interviewed

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