May 21, 2003

They called me mad on USENET … I’ll show them!

by Nick Montfort · , 11:42 pm

Here at DAC I’ve seen many great presentations and had several discussions that were provocative. I won’t try to repeat what’s been blogged about this already on the conference site; I do hope to post more on the conference later. Among many digital artist and researcher friends here, several are part of the new Center for Computer Games Research at the IT University of Copenhagen. (Of these folks at the Center, Espen, Lisbeth, and Susana are here at DAC.) I haven’t actually talked to Espen much about this, however; he and Noah and I instead have been spending time (and lots of money) trying to defeat House of the Dead 3.

Anyway, I’m quite enthusiastic about the Center and what it can accomplish. But I wonder what concerns or questions some of the game developers and researchers reading this might have? Are game-makers wary of Dr. Aarseth’s transgressive experiments? Is there (still?) the feeling that the analytical, theoretical, academic perspective on computer gaming is a maniacal attempt to kill everything and resurrect everything? Or is there something interesting that could come from this sort of study and discussion?