July 22, 2003

Voices of the Neo-Futurists

by Andrew Stern · , 2:15 pm

toomuchlight.jpg A bit of exciting project news… We’ve just cast two writer / director / performers to be the voices for Grace and Trip, the two computer characters in our interactive drama Facade. We have been fortunate to find two talented members of the Chicago-based experimental / interactive theater group, The Neo-Futurists, Chloe Johnston and Andy Bayiates.

For the past few years Chloe and Andy have been members of the Neo-Futurists’ long-running signature show, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. If you’re ever in Chicago, be sure to see it, it’s an ever-changing, inventive, searingly honest and, of course, funny, sixty minutes of experimental theater. Chloe and Andy have also written, produced and performed other plays with the Neo-Futurists.

This will be the first time I’ve worked with performers who are also writers and directors. I’m very excited because I’m really hoping Chloe and Andy will apply some of their creativity and writing talent to their roles — God knows our dialog needs all the help it can get. There is definitely some shared aesthetic between Facade and Too Much Light, and I’m sure Facade will benefit from the collaboration. And I hope to learn a lot from them in the process.