August 4, 2003

Dead Reckoning

by Nick Montfort · , 2:05 pm

I’ve just recently completed a translation of Olvido Mortal, an award-winning Spanish interactive fiction work. (You can try it on the Web should you not want to download it.) It was a rather involved process to carry across into English both its langauge and its workings, even though this piece is quite short and the author, Andrés Viedma Peláez, had written and coded clearly. But I found it a rewarding experience, and I’m glad to help share one of the gems of Spanish interactive fiction with the English-speaking world.

As far as I know there are no other interactive fiction works at all that have been translated into English by native English speakers, and there are only a few works that have been translated to other languages. (Some electronic literature in other forms has been translated into English – for instance, Chris Marker’s Immemory. I hope to say more about that work soon. Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries is exemplary in offering translations into many languages, although the task of translation is easier in this case since these works aren’t interactive programs.) Since I’m quite enriched by reading literature in translation, and since I know there are active German, Italian, and Spanish interactive fiction communities, it disappoints me that no other IF seems to have been translated. I hope others will undertake translations in the future. Is anyone aware of other IF that has been translated into English? Or interested in pointing me to other good electronic literature in translation?