August 17, 2003

E-lit All the Rage in Alumni Mags

by Nick Montfort · , 9:52 pm

The Brown alumni magazine just did a great writeup of Bob Coover and Talan Memmott, describing some of the ways their unusual, different backgrounds ended in their working together now at Brown on CAVE projects and other electronic writing. It’s a great story which, contrasting with the usual unbridled alumni-mag ebullience, describes Talan as shift-eyed and suggests that Bob may have bought his clothes at Costco, giving the profile some nice color. (It’s quite a positive profile overall, of course, as these two deserve.) Thanks to Scott for the link.

This provides the perfect excuse for me to smoothly mention that the Boston University alumni magazine also has just printed a nice profile of an electronic literature author whom some of you know.

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