August 26, 2003

Fifth Wheel Man

by Nick Montfort · , 8:01 pm

After spending a good deal of time buttering Scott Rettberg up by praising his creative and critical writing, I’m pleased to announce that he has joined our band of automatic hooligans. Having already mentioned some of Scott’s many creative contributions, I’ll just note that Scott also founded the Electronic Literature Organization and is now an assistant professor at Stockton College, where he’s starting up a new media track in the Literature Program.

Scott has his own blog already, but such personal bloggery hasn’t stopped Noah from contributing regularly to Grand Text Auto, even recently, while Noah has been circling the planet. And besides, Scott uses his own blog to post wacky photos of and by his nephew and stuff, while we’re all serious here on Grand Text Auto. (That’s what Scott looks like, by the way.) I know that Andrew, Michael, and Noah share my hope that Scott will find this an enjoyable forum for discussing creative new media work with us drivers and with those who read and comment. We’re sure that his perspective as a writer, teacher, and critic will make things around here seem more intelligent and respectable.