September 26, 2003

Cat Mother Grab Bag

by Andrew Stern · , 11:29 pm

I’m always interested in cheap and easy (well, at a minimum, cheap) ways to develop your own graphical stories / games / worlds. We need to see more do-it-yourself independent game development — a lot more!

Now available on SourceForge: “Game development company Cat Mother Ltd. ( has now closed its offices, but in their last meeting the company board decided to publish all company source code as open source. Also large part of the content is published. Published material includes fully playable prototype of a 3rd person action/adventure game and commercial quality in-house 3D-engine (C++/DirectX9). The source code is published under BSD license and the content is published under GPL license. All material can be downloaded from” (via Flipcode and Slashdot)

It also includes a 3DStudioMax exporter tool, many of the 3D models used in the game, etc. This seems like a really great and unusual opportunity to get started on making your own story / game / world! Or, even if you just want to learn how a commercial game engine works. I’m going to download it and see what I can learn.

Three cheers for Cat Mother! (whoever they are… er, were…)

2 Responses to “Cat Mother Grab Bag”

  1. andrew Says:

    The latest in complete game source code releases: Slashdot Games reports that the source code for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has just been released as a free download. The game itself was released for free last year when its plans for commercial release were cancelled.

  2. andedammen Says:
    Gjør det selv – om du kan
    Akk, den som hadde hatt kunnskapen til å gjøre seg nytte av dette “konkursboet”. For en utrolig sympatisk løsning, forresten,

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