October 24, 2003

Storytelling and Games Exhibition and Symposium

by Andrew Stern · , 8:46 pm

From November 12 through March 28, Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center will have an exhibition called Fictional Worlds, Virtual Experiences: Storytelling and Computer Games. “The exhibition derives from research of the How They Got Game Project at the Stanford Humanities Laboratory, a project seeking a path-finding narrative for the historical and critical appreciation of computer and video games. … A free conference on Friday, February 6, entitled ‘Story Engines: A Public Program on Storytelling and Computer Games,’ presents speakers from the industry and academia, addressing aspects of the role of narrative in computer games,” including Warren Spector, and Haden Blackman of LucasArts. (via GamesNetwork)

The exhibition overlaps in time with both the Game Developers Conference in San Jose and the Game Scenes exhibit at Yerba Buena in San Francisco, making a trip to the Bay Area in late March a 3-for-1 extravaganza.

One Response to “Storytelling and Games Exhibition and Symposium”

  1. Jill Says:

    Old point, but I can’t help it: How on earth can an EXPERIENCE be virtual? Either you experience it, or you don’t, surely?

    I guess I don’t much like the word virtual. It’s great that there’s exhibitions like this, though.

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