October 29, 2003

“Agitating for Dramatic Change”

by Andrew Stern · , 9:22 pm

There’s an extensive new article about interactive drama on Gamasutra called Agitating for Dramatic Change, by a game designer named Randy Littlejohn. It looks like a really great read — addressing in detail many of the issues we talk about here on grandtextauto. In fact he goes into detail about our interactive drama project, Facade, more so than any other paper to date not written by us.

If you haven’t registered with Gamasutra yet (for free), this article is surely worth the effort!

I will definitely be posting a response to this article asap (update: here is the response) — but I’m about to hop on a plane to Chicago to do 3 days of voice recording for Facade, immediately followed by a week in the Netherlands for the LevelUp conference, so it’ll be a few days!

New to grandtextauto? If you’ve just found this blog by way of links from the Gamasutra article, you might be interested in perusing some of the archived discussions we’ve had over the past few months about interactive story and drama, including: How to Destroy Possibilities, Chopped Fresh, not Canned, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, The Space of Interactive Narrative, Narrative as Virtual Reality, Artist Programmers, (Sharing) Control, Meaning machines, …Behavior, Interaction and Agency, The Rettberg Files, AI and Narrative, Machine Learning and Literary Work, Fiction and Recombinant Text, Taking Bernstein’s Bait, That Darn Conundrum