November 13, 2003

DARPA/IPTO Program in Narrative Intelligence?

by Nick Montfort · , 12:51 pm

No time for a full report on this conference or even on the last one that I went to, but, speaking of narrative intelligence and America’s Army, one program awaiting funding from the DoD is called “Episodic Memory” and seeks researchers who take something of an NI approach to memory and experience. There have been many interesting things at this DARPA/IPTO Cognitive Systems conference, which announces another big AI push, the presentation on this program by Doug Gage is one thing that stood out as being of to Grand Text Auto folks. Since many of us know already why, in general, it can be helpful to think of memory as being organized into narrative, I’ll instead mention the specific military uses that Gage discussed:

More soon, I hope…

2 Responses to “DARPA/IPTO Program in Narrative Intelligence?”

  1. andrew Says:

    Ah yes, I remember reading an alarmist William Safire op-ed in the NYTimes called “Dear Darpa Diary” (now only available in the for-pay archive) on this project. Personally I think the idea is really interesting, but of course, could turn creepy and dangerous.

  2. Diana Slattery Says:

    creepy has been done before with gov’t funding–figuring out who is taking advantage of whomsoever is not all that easy. last night i was back into the early history of lsd–gregory bateson was the palo alto resarcher in what turned out to be the mk-ultra top secret gov’t mind control through psychedelics project (funded, i’ve heard via the same macy foundation of cybernetics fame) but what did bateson do? set the gnostic molecule loose among the likes of alan ginsberg…and uncle time leary in ’77 is credited with acknowledging the cia as his original source. so–things can get delightfully out-of-hand.

    this is a cool blog–just got alerted to your game by a colleague at work.


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