November 17, 2003

Copyright and Missing the Point of the Computer

by Nick Montfort · , 9:31 am

A week and a half ago I went to Copyright and the Networked Computer. Noah was there too. There were lots of lawyers.

I enjoyed and learned from the presentations and questions and from many of my conversations with lawyers, computer scientists, and others. It was nice that some people appreciated the public domain and appropriationist art (and that all art is appropriationist to some extent), but hearing from staffers on “both sides” of the issue in the House of Representatives left me feeling unwell. The framework of the discussion simply seemed wrong. So I’ll leave the trip report duties to Noah and post something polemic instead.

I gave a short talk, “Condemned to Reload It: Forgetting New Media.”

The shorter talk I should have given is “Stop Handcuffing My Mind.”