November 18, 2003

The IF Comp is Over — Long Live IF!

by Nick Montfort · , 5:58 pm

The results are in from the 2003 Interactive Fiction Competition! The collaborative work Slouching Towards Bedlam by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto took top honors. In second place was Michael Coyne’s Risorgimento Represso, then Quintin Stone’s Scavenger, then Daniel Freas’s The Erudition Chamber, and then Aaron A. Reed ‘s Gourmet. And many of the 25 other entries are worth playing. For those who didn’t get to play during the Comp, you can still download all the games in one file.

What is there to do after finishing the comp games and reading the slew of thoughtful reviews, for instance, the ones by Dan Shiovitz, or those by many others that have posted on Well, you might want to try matching these 30 drawings each to one of the IF Comp entries (this topical art is by XYZZY award winner J. Robinson Wheeler).

Or you could always read Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction. It has just been published — I haven’t gotten a copy myself yet, but I got a note from MIT Press about it today.