November 20, 2003

ICVS Underway

by Andrew Stern · , 10:30 am

Today in Toulouse is day one of the two-day 2nd Int’l Conference on Virtual Storytelling (the 1st one having been held in Avignon, so it appears to be a French affair ;-) Michael and I would love to be there of course, but we’ve each travelled to Europe twice this year for conferences and have to draw the line somewhere… We did help review papers though. Nicolas Szilas, a regular commenter here on GTxA and presenter at ICVS, will hopefully be writing up a conference summary for us.

The program looks good, I’ll highlight a few titles that stood out to me: “Building virtual actors who can really act” from Ken Perlin of NYU (check out his Polly’s World demo if you haven’t already; more on Ken in an adjacent post); “Character-focused Narrative Planning for Execution in Virtual Worlds” from the NCSU Liquid Narrative group; “Authoring Edutainment Stories for Online Players (AESOP): Introducing Gameplay into Interactive Dramas” from U.Penn (more in an adjacent post); “Storytelling for Recreating Our Selves: ZENetic Computer” from Naoko Tosa et al; “The Art of Mixing Realities” from Sally Jane Norman; “Just Talking About Art – Creating Virtual Storytelling Experiences in Mixed Reality” from Ulrike Spierling and Ido Iurgel (who helped organize TIDSE03); “Users Acting in Mixed Reality Interactive Storytelling” from Cavazza, Charles et al; “Authoring Highly Generative Interactive Drama” from Nicolas Szilas et al.

Also a company called Immersion will present “the first laser device projecting information onto the retina”. Hmm, I’m not sure I’d volunteer to try that one out…

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