December 3, 2003

The Politics of Information

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 9:28 am

The Politics of Information is an essay collection in five parts edited by Marc Bousquet and Katherine Wills. This fall it’s been appearing at electronic book review, and garnering some interesting responses. I’ve been happy to see a few contributions from folks I’ve met at DAC and ELO gatherings: Matt Kirschenbaum’s essay compels us to go further with the notion of “software studies” (see also Matt’s blog); Laura Sullivan’s essay reports on teaching a course that brings together radical politics and hypertext production; and an email roundtable proposed by Geert Lovink discusses net.activism with Chris Carter, Ricardo Dominguez, and Bruce Simon.

The five sections of The Politics of Information are: Beyond the Voting Machine, Technocapitalism and the Politics of Information, Textual Events: Intellectuals and Their Property, The Informatics of Higher Education, and Teaching the Cyborg. As Joseph Tabbi writes, in 2004 it will become the first in the altx critical e-book series.

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