December 10, 2003

Malloy and Halpern at TIR Web

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 9:00 am

The new issue of The Iowa Review Web is out, and it includes a couple of nice things. First, there’s a new piece from hyperfiction pioneer Judy Malloy. Malloy’s “narrabase” work “Uncle Roger” was one of the first hyperfictions I heard about (in an old issue of Leonardo) and it’s now available on the web in an annotated 2003 edition. The TIR Web piece is a new one, titled “Afterwards.”

Also worth checking out is an Interview with Tal Halpern by Patrick F. Walter. In addition there’s a link provided to Halpern’s “Digital Nature: the Case Collection. version 2.0” — an artifactual hypertext commissioned by Turbulence that I’m just beginning to explore.

More information is available in the entries for Judy Malloy and Tal Halpern at the ever-expanding ELO Directory (speaking of which, got to submit some additional info there myself).

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