December 21, 2003


by Scott Rettberg · , 10:57 am

I recently downloaded the demo of ToySight, software that uses the mac’s iSight camera to integrate object and motion control into a variety of videogames and “toys.” The demo includes “Freefall,” a game in which you stand in front of the camera with arms extended as your avatar falls through the clouds, trying to collect balloons and land on target, and “Laser Harp,” a toy harp in which you pluck strings that appear in front of your image. It might just be the gee-whiz factor, but I see a lot of potential for this kind of cam-based interaction (admittedly not enough to buy the package, but I looking forward to playing more of the games with my friend’s daughter when she gets it). I wonder what kind of electronic literature we might dream up for this form of interaction? Maybe something like Noah et al’s Talking Cure could soon be coming to a laptop near you.

One Response to “ToySight”

  1. gunther schmidl Says:

    Have you seen TEXT RAIN by Camille Utterback? You stand in front of a projection screen with extended arms and catch seemingly random letters, which then mysteriously form the lines of a poem. They also react to gravity so you can let them bounce into the air or slide off.

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