December 23, 2003


by Andrew Stern · , 11:35 am

Further reinforcing the point about the need for new kinds of content in interactive entertainment is a new article by gamegirladvance‘s Jane Pinckard, “Video gaming and its discontents“. (Click on “free day pass” to read the article for free.)

… I just want what every gamer wants — smarter games. More meaningful games. Games that relate to other people. That relate to other things. Games that push me off the screen and off the couch. …

… We’re ready to move beyond games as nicely packaged, salable consumer products. We’re ready for cultural products. Good, bad, and ugly games. Experimental games. Games that are not entirely successful but try out a new idea or a new technology. Games that are more than just games.

Couldn’t agree more!

One Response to “(Dis)Content”

  1. andrew Says:

    Hints of John Carmack retiring, seemingly from boredom — perhaps a sign that the game industry is shifting its priorities from graphical immersion towards deeper interaction?

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