December 30, 2003

Meetings, Journals, Deadlines

by Andrew Stern · , 8:58 am

Every year the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) holds a big yearly conference, this year in San Jose from July 25-29. One of the workshops this time around is “Challenges in Game AI“. Submissions are due March 12 for short papers in areas including AI methodologies, AI and game design, or case studies, including topics such as architectures, action planning, decision-making, multiple agent coordination, dynamic gameplay generation, learning, natural language interaction, characters, emotion, interface standards, and tools.

AAAI also holds symposia in the spring and sometimes in the fall; this spring, March 22-24 at Stanford, includes “Exploring Attitude and Affect in Text“.

Springer’s Journal of Virtual Reality has just released a special edition on Storytelling. And, there’s currently a call for papers for another Storytelling issue, abstracts due Jan 31, papers due Feb 28.

Also, while we’re at it: TIDSE04 (Darmstadt, Germany, June 24-26) is due Jan 30; Agents (NYC, July 19-23) is due Jan 21; SIGGRAPH (LA, Aug 8-12) papers due Jan 21, Art Gallery Jan 28, Emerging Technologies Feb 4; Hypertext (Santa Cruz, Aug 9-13) is due Feb 4; and, the AISB Expressive Characters Symposium Noah recently mentioned, abstracts due Jan 9.

2 Responses to “Meetings, Journals, Deadlines”

  1. Nicolas Szilas Says:

    Thanks Andrew for all this Information.

    Just a correction: The second call for papers for the Journal of Virtual Reality is already over: it is Jan 31, 2003! (not 2004…)


  2. andrew Says:

    Also check out this ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin from August 2002, which includes workshop submissions of two storytelling workshops at ACM CVE’02 and ACM CSCW’02.

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