December 31, 2003

New Issue of Game Studies

by Andrew Stern · , 2:12 pm

Hey everybody, a new issue of Game Studies is out, squeezed in under the wire as their second issue for 2003. The articles include:

“On Virtual Economies”, by Edward Castronova
“Sim Sin City – Some thoughts about Grand Theft Auto 3”, by Gonzalo Frasca
“‘I Lose, Therefore I Think’ – A Search for Contemplation amid Wars of Push-Button Glare”, by Shuen-shing Lee
“When Seams Fall Apart- Video Game Space and the Player”, by Laurie Taylor
“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown – Interactivity and signification in Head Over Heels”, by Jan Van Looy


By the way — happy new year! I think I’m speaking for everyone on grandtextauto by saying 2003 was a fruitful and interesting year. We’re looking forward to more great discussions with you all in 2004 here on grandtextauto and related places in the blogosphere. :-)

3 Responses to “New Issue of Game Studies”

  1. Jeffool Says:

    I swear to God I thought your post said “and retarded places in the blogosphere. :-)”.

    Happy new year folks.


  2. Dr. Asperger Says:

    That would be Grant Theft Autistic.

  3. andrew Says:

    Two out of the five articles have been linked to and discussed on Slashdot Games. Could this be a sign that “mainstream” gamers are becoming a bit less hostile and more willing to pay attention to game studies, or that game studies articles are “improving” to now appeal to non-academics, or just that the primary editor of Slashdot Games (simoniker, who makes 90%+ of the posts there) needs more links on slow game-news days ;-) ? Or all three…

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