January 11, 2004

trAce New Media Article Writing Competition

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 11:52 pm

At GTxA we tend to focus on the non-non-fiction uses of new media, but this is worth noting. The competition for unpublished new media articles. The deadline is April 30th.

Here are the categories:

Review – £100 GBP for Best Original Unpublished Work
The web is a locus for a wide international community of practice by writers and artists. Here we are looking for reviews of: significant books; hardware or software that affects new media writing; web or net projects; trends arising from writers using the internet; personalities involved in new media writing or teaching.
See sample Review articles: http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/review/

Opinion – £100 GBP for Best Original Unpublished Work
A platform for debate about what we want from the web and how we want it to happen. Send your reasoned arguments, hobbyhorses, and rants. Here we are looking for serious-minded articles about new media writing or humorous and satirical views of this emerging genre.
See sample Opinion articles: http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/opinion/

Process – £100 GBP for Best Original Unpublished Work
A look at the internet as a creative medium for thinking, collaborating, communicating, coding, performing, exhibiting, imagining, visualising, teaching – and, of course, writing.
See sample Process articles: http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/process/

Editor’s Choice Award – £200 GBP
This prize will go to the entry that best investigates or challenges the aesthetics of new media writing. It will be chosen from any one of the three categories.

All categories are open to experimentation. For example: you can include html, plugins such as flash or shockwave, or javascripts. If you are submitting such a work, do not embed it in your entry, but provide a URL in your email submission (see Entry Rules).

More information is available at http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/Process/index.cfm?article=90.

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