January 25, 2004

Where You Going with This, IKEA Boy?

by Nick Montfort · , 10:39 pm

Upon entering the warehouse, you need to go:

N, N, E, N, S, SW, U, N, W, U, W, W, W, U, NW, N, NW, S, E, W, W, W, N, W.

Now you are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. A skeleton, probably the remains of a luckless consumer, lies here. Beside the skeleton is a rusty SKARPT high-quality steel knife with hard plastic handle and a shopping cart. Search the body. Take the IKEA GIFT CARD (still has $43 on it).

I know there are plenty of you who need the rest of the walkthrough. (Thanks to ifMUD’s ctate.)

3 Responses to “Where You Going with This, IKEA Boy?”

  1. Brent Morris Says:

    I was in Ikea for the first time on Saturday. I wish I had this walkthrough before I went. It’s easy to get lost among the product names with random umlauts over random letters.

  2. schussman.com Says:
    grandtextauto.org: Where You Going with This, IKEA Boy?
    I actually have never been to an Ikea store, but I like very much the idea that this might be…

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