January 31, 2004

Information Retrieval Humor

by Nick Montfort · , 1:43 pm

Who knows what happened here? An honest error? Most likely, but it’s funnier to think that even “prominent” newspapers might give in to the urge to intentionally feed the wrong page title/headline to Google News once in a while, in an attempt to get some extra bang for their advertising buck. Of course, such an attempt could go horribly arwy…

Cannibal who fried victim in garlic is cleared of murder
Guardian – 2 hours ago
He arrived laughing and joking. Just over two hours later Armin Meiwes, the self-confessed German cannibal who killed and ate another man, left a stunned courtroom scarcely able to believe his luck.
A German Court Convicts Internet Cannibal of Manslaughter New York Times
Bag a family holiday to the Magic Kingdom The Sun

One Response to “Information Retrieval Humor”

  1. nick Says:

    Incidentally, when this appeared on Google News yesterday, that last link did lead to a story in The Sun on the same topic as the other two stories — it was just the headline that was wacky.

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