February 3, 2004

America’s Army Booklet

by Michael Mateas · , 2:46 pm

The Moves Institute of the Naval Postgraduate School has created a booklet describing the philosophy, history and implementation of their army recruitment game America’s Army, (mentioned here previously 1 2 3 4) for the Bang the Machine exhibit at the Yerba Buena Arts center in San Francisco. The booklet is available online.

4 Responses to “America’s Army Booklet”

  1. ian Says:

    Woah! Some crazy stuff going on in there. I’ll have to spend some time with it…

    I think they will probably be presenting something at the Serious Games Summit at GDC.

    Speaking of which, Gonzalo and I will be presenting on rhetorical games / “water cooler games” at the Serious Games Summit. If any GTxA readers will be there, we should connect at some point.

  2. Baxter Weiss Says:

    Did you know that the America’s Army development team is leaving the MOVES Institute in a couple of weeks to form up as yet another game company? Instead of working with active duty military (like those at the MOVES Institute), they will now be getting their military expertise from their newly retired America’s Army sponsor. Sounds just a little fishy to me, MISTER Casey Wardynski. You’ve definitely lost major credibility with this military gamer.

  3. Water Cooler Games Says:
    On America’s Army
    As part of the Bang the Machine exhibit, the Naval Postgraduate School has published a booklet (5.3 MB PDF) on America’s Army. I’ve just glanced through it, but there are some, uh, interesting points in the booklet that I look…

  4. Casey Wardynski Says:

    Mr Weiss:

    I am unaware that I have retired. As far as I and the Army know I remain a serving line officer and continue to direct the Army Game Project.

    The Game Project did leave the MOVES Institute and is now fully under Army direction.

    Colonel Casey Wardynski
    Director, Army Game Project

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