February 5, 2004

iDMAa in Florida

by Michael Mateas · , 12:01 am

The International Digital Media and Arts Association is holding their conference March 12 – 14 in Orlando. The iDMAa conference explores issues relevent for faculty and administrators of digital media and digital arts programs, particularly focusing on curriculum development, directions for research and creative work, resources (e.g. laboratories, external sponsors), and faculty development.

It seems like everyone is creating new digital media programs these days: at Georgia Tech alone we’re developing a new undergraduate program in Computational Media offered jointly by the College of Computing (CoC) and Literature, Communication and Culture (LCC), developing a new Ph.D. in Human Centered Computing in CoC, and accepting our first class of Ph.D. students into LCC’s new Digital Media Ph.D. program, all in addition to LCC’s long-standing Master’s program in Information Design and Technology. With numerous such programs springing up all over the U.S., a conference devoted to the issues of developing such programs is particularly timely.

I have not attended this conference in the past. Have any Grand Text Auto readers been before? If so, please post your experiences.

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