February 13, 2004


by Andrew Stern · , 3:55 pm

Thanks to Terra Nova for linking to today’s Associated Press article about game studies, including quotes from the usual suspects.

The article will probably get printed in many local papers around the country. For example, here’s the article printed in Bixoli Mississipi’s local paper, the Sun Herald.

3 Responses to “LUDOLOGY (AP) —”

  1. Water Cooler Games Says:
    Ludology via the AP
    Today this AP story on game research found its way across the wires and into many newspapers around the country and world. Gonzalo gets a nice quote in the article, along with all our friends from this strange new land….

  2. ENGL 467: Computer and Text (Spring 2004) Says:
    In the News
    Via GrandTextAuto: An AP wire service story on the rapidly emerging field of ludology, or the study of (video) games: “Rejecting the stigma that games are only for kids, researchers around the world are making computer games the subject of

  3. Reality Panic Says:
    The Game Doctor is in…
    Nice to see the media pick up on the growth of game studies, or rather “ludology”. In parallel to the momentum behind game development curricula (ie, the training of game makers), this more studious approach to studying games has been…

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