February 15, 2004

Experimental Game Lab

by Michael Mateas · , 8:07 pm

I’m happy to announce the creation of the Experimental Game Lab, a new video game research lab I’ve founded at Georgia Tech. The EGL’s mission is to serve as an interdisciplinary meeting place, supporting work at the intersection of art, technology and culture, in which faculty and students work together to create the future of gaming. The lab has been active since early last fall, though we’re just now giving the lab a public face.

On February 27, 1:00 – 6:00 pm, we’re having an open house to showcase current lab projects and present our facilities for game studies and development. We hope to encourage more people within the Tech community to use the lab’s resources to support game research projects. If you happen to be in Atlanta, drop by!

5 Responses to “Experimental Game Lab”

  1. Nicolas Szilas Says:

    Congratulations Michael!!

    I am so much waiting for such an initiative in France…


  2. Jeffool Says:

    Now I really regret not going to GaTech. But regardless, kudos to everyone involved. No doubt it’ll work out great.

  3. Justin Simonson Says:

    I have a friend named Fritz Young at Georgia Tech. If you don’t know him, or if you know him and think his presence would not be too offensive, you have my permission to force him to get involve. Use a burlap sack if necessary.

    Also, congrats. It sounds like a really great project.


  4. the chutry experiment Says:
    Experimental Game Lab at Tech
    Note to self: Be sure to swing by Georgia Tech’s new Experimental Game Lab on Friday, February 27, at some point between 1 and 6 PM (Via Grand Text Auto). If any of my readers happen to be in the…

  5. miscellany is the largest category Says:
    News Round-Up
    IDGA – Ivory Tower column, Dungeons, Dragons, and Ivory Towers, where Chaim Gingold focuses on issues of collaboration between the game industry developers and academics/researchers. Michael, of GTA, officially announced the creation of the Experimenta…

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