February 16, 2004

It Worked Jointly

by Nick Montfort · , 12:30 am

The Joint Work reading at the Kelly Writers House went wonderfully. As promised, the four of us read from 2002, Implementation, and The Unknown. There was a great turnout, the technologies involved worked smoothly (eh, the problem with the wireless mike didn’t really matter), and readers and read-to alike seemed to have great fun. Thanks to Jen Snead for introducing us and to her and the others at the Writers House for hosting us.

Some Joint Work photos are online, courtesty of the person who traveled the furthest to attend to reading – no, not Dirk, who came in from Cincinnati for the 33rd reading of The Unknown, but Jill. The blogsphere also graced us with Hanna‘s presence. Hanna and Jill provided us with numerous photos of Implementation “placements” that were shown and read from during the event. I don’t know many of the others who turned up at the reading, but perhaps we’ll learn who some of them are if they end us email Scott and me some Implementation photos. We handed out sheets from the otherwise-unreleased installment 2 to try to entice attendees to participate in the project.

One Response to “It Worked Jointly”

  1. Jill Says:

    Hey, cool, Nick, it’s great to see the photos all organised and handsome like that. You did a great job organising the afternoon. Definitely worth a hop across the Atlantic :)

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