February 21, 2004

There is no strange thing

by Nick Montfort · , 10:57 pm

Crimson Room screenshot

There is something oddly compelling about Crimson Room (also available on a US server) by Toshimitsu Takagi. Not that it’s the best graphical adventure game that is available for free, but the conflation of camera movement from The 7th Guest with amusingly awkward English and puzzles worse than the ones in the most painful Penguinsoft title…

And it’s all online, in Flash. Yes, I finished it and have the right to be on the escape person list. (I did peek at the solution; the interface isn’t always pleasant.) Shout out to my poetry homie JK for passing along the link.

11 Responses to “There is no strange thing”

  1. Alex Says:

    where did you find the solution

  2. nick Says:

    There’s one walkthrogh here, although this one wasn’t the one I found originally.

  3. miscellany is the largest category Says:
    Curiously Strong Games?
    I came across the Altoids Arcade, which has a flash-based adventure game. “Curiously Strong All Night Long” is based around the Altoid Strips and looks very Leisure Suit Larry. I haven’t had time to play far, but I found it…

  4. Ashley Says:

    Hi, I know that Im probably a little late on this but I just found the Crimson Room yesterday and
    can’t find the code. Every place that I have gone to has said a different number and the url does
    not work. My mom, boyfriend and brother have been trying but to no avail. Please help!

  5. nick Says:

    Here’s antother walkthrough. The one I linked to earlier seems to be offline. You can find others like it by Googling (crimson room walkthrough) or something similar.

  6. Ashley Says:

    The url on the memo will not go through for some reason and all the cheat sheet places tell me
    different numbers. I just tried 1994 but it didn’t work. Any other possiblities?

  7. nick Says:

    Ouch, if the site’s down, that’s pretty bad! You might try the URL in the Wayback machine.

  8. niki Says:

    i dont get it. a few years ago i’m sure i played the crimson room,
    but there was more too it. more rooms, and some japanese stuff, and
    bones and such… was there a game like that, or am i just imagining

  9. JD Says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  10. C Says:

    Theres another version of the Crimson Room- The Viridian Room. It’s a sequel, and pretty fun.
    To get into the nightclub, you gotta give that first girl in line an altoid, and then take the gum
    and put it with the altoids.

  11. Ronald Says:

    How do you get the volcano set up

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