February 24, 2004

AI Iago

by Andrew Stern · , 12:01 am

On the heels of Noah and Michael’s posts from yesterday… At first it seemed like yet another sexed-up article headline: two upcoming AI-heavy interactive entertainment products described in a Popular Science blurb titled “Terror Games”.

Peek behind the graphics of two new games [The Sims 2 and Peter Molyneux’s Fable] and you’ll find the same artificial intelligence that’s at work in Pentagon-sponsored war simulations.

But the blurb offered no further explanation. Huh?

Then I clicked on a related link and found the real article, which attempts to find a convergence between The Sims 2 and DoD agent-based modeling for predicting the actions of terrorists, including projects such as “Virtual Pakistan”, “GI Agent” and the $100M “OneSAF”.

The team at Moves [Naval Postgraduate School, who produced America’s Army] is trying to model the behavior and thinking of terrorists by creating a series of computer characters to populate a model code-named Iago, after Shakespeare’s arch villain. … [They are] optimistic that before long [they] will produce a squad of intelligent, malevolent agents who will be useful in the running of complex terrorist scenarios.

The article even has Will Wright speculating on the Iraqi resistance.

There seems to be a trend here…