February 27, 2004

Two new game studies faculty at Tech

by Michael Mateas · , 11:54 am

I’m happy to announce that two new games studies faculty, Ian Bogost and Michael Nitsche will be joing us at Georgia Tech this Fall.

Some of you already know Ian from watercoolergames and as a frequent commentor here. Ian is interested in the rhetorical function of games, how they can be used to convey a position and change opinions. Ian also develops games, most recently the Howard Dean campaign game (which we discussed here).

Michael, currently at Cambridge, explores how insights from architecture, narratology and film studies can be applied to the design of games conceived as narrative spaces. As part of his research he also develops games, including developing for the Playstation platform. You can find out more about his research here.

Gonzalo noted (Feb. 26 entry) that the recent New York Times article dubbed Copenhagen IT as the “hub of of game studies”. With Jay, Janet, myself, now Michael and Ian, plus the Experimental Game Lab, plus game-related research taking place in the College of Computing (including my research in game AI), perhaps Georgia Tech will steal Copenhagen IT’s title :).