March 1, 2004

Adventures Underground

by Andrew Stern · , 10:01 am

Adventure Gamers is a site that reviews and discusses commercial adventure games, as well as independent / amateur productions:

Although the days of classic adventures may have passed, the heart of adventure gaming lives on through the work of amateur designers who create adventure games in the true spirit of the classics, and make them free for all to play. This site is dedicated to throwing a spotlight on those independent, free adventures.

They report that “the amateur adventure community spirit is alive and well”, and that “2003 saw some of the greatest Underground releases that we’ve ever seen.” To honor them, the site has just held its first annual Underground Awards; the winners were announced last week. (via Slashdot Games)

Also in the Underground section of the site you can find an eight-part series called Adventure Architect about how to build your own adventure game. And don’t miss their recent Future of Adventure Games series, mentioned previously on GTxA.

On a related note, check out the long-running annual text-based interactive fiction competitions if you haven’t yet, IF Comp and XYZZY.

One Response to “Adventures Underground”

  1. andrew Says:

    Via Slashdot Games — the latest Sam and Max sequel has been cancelled, to fans’ dismay.

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