March 3, 2004

GameSpot on the IGF

by Andrew Stern · , 7:25 pm

GameSpot has an article previewing the upcoming Independent Games Festival at GDC, including a blurb about Michael’s and my project, Facade. Judging by the accurate details in our blurb, they’ve actually played the projects they’re writing about.

Update: GameTunnel has started a series of articles on the IGF.

3 Responses to “GameSpot on the IGF”

  1. noah Says:

    Now GameTunnel says of Facade:

    Certainly one of the more intriguing concepts at the Independent Games Festival comes forth in the game Facade.  In this game, you play a friend of a couple who is undergoing some marriage drama.  How things proceed depends on you, though things will go on whether or not you take part in the story.  Facade reacts to your interactions with the characters to change the storyline, making each play through the game a different story with the same characters.  The notable emotional involvement in the game is done to a degree that no-one has ever considered before, making you a real player in a drama that is so deeply based in computer AI, that it is intended to feel “real” to players playing through the story that is ever changing based on your interactions.

  2. andrew Says:

    That’s an intriguing description, but I feel it necessary to dampen the hype a little bit… :-) I’m not sure if the Game Tunnel people have had a chance to play Facade yet (we didn’t send them a copy; perhaps they have gotten access to an IGF judges’ build), or if they’re simply believing in the descriptions of the project from us and others.

    A closer-to-reality assessment of the project can be found here, although we hope to address / ameliorate some of the problems identified there before for the final release.

  3. andrew Says:

    An interview of Michael and me about Facade is now online at GameTunnel.

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