March 8, 2004

Some Early Constructive Criticism

by Andrew Stern · , 2:00 am

Robin Hunicke and Rob Zubek, friends of ours and both currently PhD candidates in Northwestern’s Interactive Entertainment Group, recently got a sneak peek at the current build of Facade (which is still a few months away from completion). On her blog, Robin wrote up her reaction and discussions she had with Rob, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the project as they perceived them.

Since virtually no one has gotten a chance to play Facade yet, I’m not sure how much the specific points about the project will make sense to readers; but certainly valuable to readers, Robin poses several good and interesting general questions about IF, player feedback, natural language processing, etc.

I’d love to respond to some of the points right now, but I must sleep… just got back to Boston from three days of voice recording with our actors in Chicago. Will write some comments some point soon.

Update: Rob has posted his reactions as well, on his blog, and Robin has posted a short part two to her first post.