March 21, 2004

Digital Storytelling Festival 2004

by Andrew Stern · , 6:27 pm

Excerpts from the announcement of this year’s Digital Storytelling Festival (mentioned previously 1 2, book):

The 7th annual Digital Storytelling Festival will be held June 10-12, 2004 in the majestic and storied surroundings of Sedona Arizona. The Festival will convene once again to inspire, educate, invigorate and galvanize the Digital Storytelling Community.

Digital Storytelling, the use of digital technology to create media-rich stories that impart meaning appeals and has become a much recognized solution in the areas of education and training, entertainment and creative design, personal and legacy storytelling, community building and corporate identity through branding and marketing. The Digital Storytelling Festival is considered the premiere arena for showcasing and discussing these solutions and applications.

The content of the three-day Festival will be compelling and engaging to the diverse interests of its audience. Anyone who is interested in knowing more about how new media is being used to communicate meaning and messages through the use of story is encouraged to attend.

Pre-Festival workshops will be held June 7 – 9, 2004 including a three day hands-on Digital Storytelling Bootcamp, where participants bring materials and throughout the duration of the workshop create their own digital story.

Festival presenters confirmed to date include:

  • John Freyer, creator “All My Life for Sale” and “Second Hand Stories” projects
  • Kit Laybourne, Core Faculty member MA Media Studies program at the New School University, NY
  • Shauna Leff, Associate Producer, BrainGlow; Bay Area Video Coalition
  • Daniel Meadows, BBC Capture Wales Project
  • Derrick Story, Managing editor O’Reilly Network, author Digital Video and Digital Photography Pocket Guides
  • Eduard Uzumeckis, Sedona Center for Arts & Technology

2 Responses to “Digital Storytelling Festival 2004”

  1. Luz Culp Says:

    Could you recommend books on digital storytelling that we could purchase for our library?
    –Luz Culp, Library Assistant
    Children’s Room – San Diego Public Library

  2. andrew Says:

    Are you looking for books for children (since your signature says “Childrens Room”)?

    For non-children readers, here are some great books that I’d recommend starting with for general coverage of digital / interactive story:

    Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace, by Janet Murray, 1997
    Computers as Theatre, by Brenda Laurel, 1991
    First Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game, eds. Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Pat Harrigan, 2004
    Twisty Little Passages, by Nick Montfort, 2003
    Rules of Play, by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman, 2003
    Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community, by Joe Lambert, 2002

    These are indispensable in general:
    Understanding Comics, and Reinventing Comics, by Scott McCloud, 1994

    More to look into, the latter four leaning towards an academic audience:

    Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling, by Chris Crawford, 2004
    Interactive Storytelling, by Andrew Glassner, 2004
    Pause & Effect: The Art of Interactive Narrative, 2002
    Cybertext, Espen Aarseth, 1997
    Writing Space, Jay Bolter, 1991
    Narrative as Virtual Reality, Marie-Laure Ryan, 2001
    Narrative Intelligence, eds. Michael Mateas and Phoebe Sengers, 2003

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