March 28, 2004

Game Writing Whitepaper

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 4:18 am

I went to a meeting of the IGDA Game Writers’ Special Interest Group at GDC. The organizers began to talk about the white paper published by the group late last year. And they were met with blank stares. Finally, the question was asked — who there had read the white paper? Only a few hands. Who there had heard of the white paper? The same few hands. Then the meeting’s moderator told us — these were hands of the people who wrote the white paper.

Now that the conference is over, I’ve started to look over the white paper myself. It appears to be a good introduction to the majority of writing work in the industry, aimed at encouraging writers toward successful strategies for finding and carrying out projects. I’ll probably be posting some more thoughts about it in the comments on this entry. But I thought I’d start by providing this pointer, in the hope that others might share their thoughts on the Writers’ SIG and/or the white paper.

Update: The 2003 whitepaper is now (October 2007) available here.