April 16, 2004

/. and >

by Nick Montfort · , 10:26 pm

Twisty Little Passages was slashdotted.

I have to admit, the conversation in comments there is different than I’d expect. I keep looking for “In Soviet Russia, the interactive fiction PLAYS YOU!”

5 Responses to “/. and >”

  1. scott Says:

    Wow — that’s a great, thorough review, and a ton of response to it. If your book were a website, it would have crashed by now.

  2. Gunther Schmidl Says:

    Even in non-soviet non-Russia, IF plays you, blatantly manipulating you into typing what the author wants you to type so you can see what the author wants you to see. Sucker.

  3. Walter Says:

    I would really love to see the Facade technology (or variant thereof) used in IF, as one of the problems I have with IF generally is the extreme assymetry with regards to the narrator’s and participant’s expressive capacities. Also, making the narrator his own AI-driven character would be pretty cool.

  4. Sean Barrett Says:

    Facade would still be asymmetric, unless you used an eyetoy-like device to capture the player’s face. Oz was trying to be entirely symmetric, I think. I’ve never really seen a postmortem summary of Oz, though.

  5. Walter Says:

    I was just thinking about textual expressiveness, raising the player’s capacity instead of lowering the story/program’s, but I guess player facial expressions could still be usefully incorporated in IF (albeit…strangely). Capturing player facial expressions in Facade would be perfect!

    Incidentally, Adventure Gamers just put up a glowing article on Facade: http://www.adventuregamers.com/display.php?id=366 .

    Also, has anyone here discovered SitePal yet? I’m not sure if it actually does anything theoretically or technologically interesting, but it’s kinda neat nonetheless….

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