April 27, 2004


by Andrew Stern · , 8:48 am

isea04.jpgWe recently found out Facade will be exhibiting at ISEA2004, as part of the 2-day Baltic Sea Cruise art party. It’s August 15-17, on a ferry leaving from Helsinki, stopping in Stockholm and then continuing on to Tallinn, Estonia. By then Facade should be done, or in the final throes of beta testing, so we hope it will be a good celebration of the project finally wrapping up. Hope to see you there.

ISEA hasn’t yet published the listing of the all the projects in the exhibition, but they say they will soon.

Update: GTxA contributors Noah, Scott and Michael, along with frequent GTxA commentor Jill Walker will present the panel Uncovering Histories of Electronic Writing at the Histories of the New ISEA conference on Friday, August 20th in Helsinki.

5 Responses to “ISEA2004”

  1. Jill Says:

    Oh congratulations! And COOL because that means I’ll get to see Facade properly! Yay!

    Will you both accompany Facade?

  2. michael Says:

    Yes, we’re both planning on going. Should be a great event! And of course there’s the panel that Jill, Noah, Scott and I are doing as well…

  3. nick Says:

    Congrats on Façade being featured! I do wish I could make it to ISEA, but I’ll be in Philly trying to get some work done on the computer science side.

  4. scott Says:

    Looking forward to being there as Nick’s agent. I’ll be presenting his paper, but with my own special flair, substituting every third paragraph of his paper with one my own, and substituting the term “interactive fiction” with the phrase “adhesive fiction.” And I’ll be passing out stickers and photographing them with abandon. If we can arrange it, we’ll get Nick on videochat and do a reading from Implementation in a smoky nightclub in Tallinn, while a torch singer sings softly in a cappella accompaniment. If we can arrange the wireless.

    Seriously, looking forward to diving into the electronic art world in the Scandanavia and the Baltics. If possible, I’m hoping to arrange a sidetrip to Latvia, to visit Joe Tabbi’s ebr summer HQ, and looking forward to interacting with international electronic art community. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Facade in action. I’ve been talking about it with my students since last year. It should be a great event all around–and we get to go on a boat ride!

  5. jill/txt Says:
    At ISEA this August I’m in a panel on “Uncovering Histories of Electronic Writing” with Noah, Michael and Nick from Grandtextauto, only Nick can’t come so Scott’ll deliver his part of it. Noah’s going to look at Ted Nelson’s work…

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