May 19, 2004

Great Blogs of Fire / Todos los blogs el blog

by Nick Montfort · , 5:52 pm

There’s a new interactive fiction blog y uno de estos blogs sobre relatos interactivos tambien. The site IFLibrary.Com has just relaunched, today, as a (currently empty) locus for interactive fiction bloggers – let Dave Cornelson know if you’d like a blog there. Meanwhile, Al-Khwarizmi, dhan, and JSJ have started a Spanish-language blog on the topic, using the title “Relatos Interactivos” (interactive stories) rather than “Ficción Interactiva” (interactive fiction) or “Aventuras Conversacionales” (conversational adventures) – but welcoming, with Borgesian allusions, all with an interest in the form, whatever they call it.

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