May 22, 2004

Open Knowledge Projects Win at Ars Electronica

by Scott Rettberg · , 7:51 pm

This year the Prix Ars Electronica honored two projects that have helped to make vast amounts of human knowledge available and legally accessible. Wikipedia, the free, community-built encyclopedia, was awarded the Golden Nica for Digital Communities. Creative Commons won the Golden Nica for Net Vision.

2 Responses to “Open Knowledge Projects Win at Ars Electronica”

  1. Sue Says:

    I am greatly interested in how cyberspace allows us to do so many things, are we living in a more virtual world now? Or are we just confuse with the fine line between reality and virtual reality?

    The word ‘virtuality’ combines “the discrete terms virtual and reality into a singular concept – a semantic fusion that enacts the dissolution of difference between the world and its representation.” (Prefiguring cyberculture: an intellectual history (2002). Edited by Darren Tofts, Annemarie Jonson and Alessio Cavallaro. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press and Sydney: Power Institute, page 106).

    Do you guys think the internet have or have not dissolve the difference between the world and its representation?

  2. scott Says:

    Sue —

    This looks to me like an assignment you have in Jenny Weight’s COM 2200 class. I’m guessing that, having done the reading for that class, you probably have a better answer to this question than we could give you. I personally think that the distinction between the world and its representations has always been suspect.

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