June 1, 2004

Art, Agents and AI in NYC

by Andrew Stern · , 9:19 am

The next few months in NYC offer several events that GTxA readers might find worth the trip. Now that I live within driving distance I’m hoping to make it to some or all of these.

For Ars Electronica’s 25th anniversary, exhibited from May 21 through July 18 will be Digital Avant-Garde, featuring “outstanding media art projects from the past twenty-five years as well as inspiring new developments from the Ars Electronica Futurelab and artist-in-residence program”, plus additional symposia, artist talks, screenings, and workshops.

July June 15 papers are due for the workshop Story Representation: Mechanism and Context, previously posted about here. It will be held October 15 at Columbia University.

July 21-23 is the huge yearly international Autonomous Agents conference. This year it happens to be in NYC, also at Columbia. Looking through the list of hundreds of papers and posters, I’ve culled out ones with a believable agent / interactive story bent:

From the Liquid Narrative Group at NC State, two new papers: “An Intent-Driven Planner for Multi-Agent Story Generation”, Mark Riedl, R. Michael Young ; “Strategic Deception in Agents”, David Christian, R. Michael Young

Two from the well-funded ICT group at USC: “Evaluating the modeling and use of emotion in virtual humans”, Jonathan Gratch, Stacy Marsella ; “Social Judgment in Multiagent Interactions”, Wenji Mao, Jonathan Gratch

From our friends at U. Teesside: “Exploring the Scalability of Character-based Storytelling”, Fred Charles, Marc Cavazza

Speaking of AIML, here’s a new paper: “Persona-AIML: An Architecture to develop Chatterbots with Personality”, Adjamir Galvão, Flávia Barros, André Neves, Geber Ramalho

And several more papers and posters that I’d like to read:

“Negotiating Gestalt: Artistic Expression and Coalition Formation in Multiagent Systems”, Kaye Mason, Jörg Denzinger, Sheelagh Carpendale

“Towards a Formal Approach to Overhearing: Algorithms for Conversation Identification”, Gery Gutnik, Gal Kaminka

“A pragmatic approach to build conversation protocols using social commitments”, Roberto A. Flores, Robert Kremer

“Caring for Agents and Agents that Care: Building Empathic Relations with Synthetic Agents”, Ana Paiva, João Dias, Daniel Sobral, Ruth Aylett

“Programming BOID Agents: a deliberation language for conflicts between mental attitudes and plans”, Mehdi Dastani, Leendert van der Torre

“Behavior Programming Language and Automated Code Generation for Agent Behavior Control”, Thuc Vu, Manuela M. Veloso

“Reasoning about Rationality and Beliefs”, Gal Yakov, Avi Pfeffer

“An Architecture for Persistent Reactive Behavior”, Dongkyu Choi, Matt Kaufman, Pat Langley, Negin Nejati, Daniel Shapiro

4 Responses to “Art, Agents and AI in NYC”

  1. Matt K. Says:

    Caught the Ars Electronica 25-year retrospective at Eyebeam. A treat!

  2. torill Says:

    I will definitely catch the Ars Electronica exhibition, but I had a peek at the fees for Autonomous Agents conference and – ouch. Are there day-passes or half-day passes? Anybody know?

  3. Fred Says:

    Hi Andrew, I thought the deadline for the workshop, “Story Representation: Mechanism and Context” at ACM MM 2004, was _June_ 15 rather than July 15?

  4. andrew Says:

    Oops, yes, thanks for the correction! I fixed it on the main post.

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