June 18, 2004

Neural Print

by Nick Montfort · , 7:26 am

neural.jpg Sure, you can get Neural – an Italian magazine about “hacktivism, e-music, and new media art” – online, in English. (Or in Italian, of course. With appropriate illustrations and short bits of text laden with technical terms, the Italian stories end up being almost as comprehensible as menus – or more so, if you already know what the story is about.) But there’s something about the printed English magazine that evokes those enthusiastic publications of a decade ago: the early Wired and its predecessors, bOING bOING and Mondo 2000 (“The only magazine with an expiration date in its title.” -Bruce Sterling). This is a spread from the February issue, picturing a “flower installation” in Croatia. While it isn’t hot off the press, I keep finding things to like about it and the news on the Neural site.

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